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4 Advantages of IP Telephony

In Québec, as elsewhere, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony solutions allow the transmission of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the same way as other types of data (text, photos, audio recordings, videos, etc.). More specifically, it consists of connecting your lines to your computer equipment, forming a single network. This is one of the numerous solutions offered by our company specializing in information technology (IT). This article describes the four (4) main advantages offered by our experts at Natrix Technologies Inc.


1. Easy to Manage

Not only is the installation of IP telephony as easy as it is fast, but also the management of your lines is made more comfortable and better. You can handle it from your computers or any standard network connection.


2. Enhanced Productivity

With your phone lines connected over IP, you have access to them from any device (e.g. cell phone, tablet, laptop) or location (at home, on the road, on a business trip, on vacation, etc.). You can even store and view your calls and voice messages online - with our cloud services - or on your laptop. And your employees will gain efficiency thanks to this ideal solution for remote working.


3. Economic Option

Charges related to IP telephony, especially for equipment and features, are much lower than the costs associated with a traditional network. For example, you save on long-distance calls. And in case you relocate, your cost will be less. Since your lines are "mobile," you will not have to move the entire system.


4. Secure Network

Since your lines and your computer equipment are on a single network, they benefit from the same protection against external threats, especially concerning the confidentiality of your data. Among other things, we encrypt your communications so that no one other than the legitimate recipient can understand them. Besides, we also encrypt backups.


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