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4 Advantages of IP Telephony


In Quebec, as elsewhere, IP (Internet Protocol) telephony solutions allow the transmission of voice over the Internet (VoIP) in the same way as other types of data (texts, photos, audio recordings, videos, etc.). More precisely, it involves connecting your lines to your computer equipment to form a single network. This is one of the many solutions offered by our information technology (IT) company. In the following article, our experts at Natrix Technologies Inc. present the 4 main advantages.



Easier Management


Not only is the installation of IP telephony as easy as it is fast, but the management of your lines is also facilitated and improved. Indeed, you can manage them from your computers or a simple network connection.

Increased Productivity


Because your phone lines are connected over IP, you can access them from any device (e.g. cell phone, tablet, laptop) or location (at home, on the road, on business trips, on vacation, etc.). You can even store and view your calls and voicemails online - especially with our cloud services - or on your laptop. So your employees can work more efficiently with this ideal solution for remote work.

Cost-effective Option


The costs associated with IP telephony, especially in terms of equipment and features, are much lower than those of a traditional network. For example, you save on long-distance calls. And if you move to another location, you don't have to pay any system moving costs since your lines are "mobile."

Secure Network


Since your lines and your computer equipment are on a single network, they enjoy the same protection against external threats, especially about the confidentiality of your data. Among other things, we encrypt your communications so that no one other than the legitimate recipient can understand them. We also encrypt backups.

Choose our IP telephony solution for your SME and enjoy all its benefits! Use our managed services to discover the other advantages of outsourcing your IT administration to a service provider, and more specifically, to Natrix Technologies Inc. Throughout Quebec, we are YOUR IT management experts. Contact us for more information!