IT security when working from home

What are the main concerns for your business' IT security?

The vast majority of businesses use the Internet almost every day. Moreover, because of COVID-19, many employees have started to work from home, a potentially risky practice, which leaves your business at potential risks. Viruses, worms, hacking and ransomware could cause you headaches and cost you a lot of money! At Natrix Technologies Inc., we focus on IT management and security in Quebec. Here are some of the main elements to consider for optimizing the protection of your SME


Risks related to your company's IT security

If a system is not well-protected, any hacker could break through it and steal any confidential data. Internet connections and e-mail are also potentially harmful to your IT system. They could carry some malicious software, Trojan horses, computer viruses, etc.

Moreover, broken or stolen devices (tablets, laptops...) containing essential data can lead to the permanent loss of these data or their use for criminal purposes, with the catastrophic consequences that one can imagine!

In short, considering that a fragile computer system could jeopardize your business, it is crucial to invest in its protection.


Steps you can take to protect your company's data

To achieve an optimal degree of safety, you have several options and combinations. You could, for example, do one of the following:

  • Hire an IT security expert to provide a picture of the risks to which your IT system is exposed;
  • Adopt a set of IT security measures and ensure that all employees comply with them;
  • Closely manage all access points (devices, kiosks, terminals, etc.) to your company's computer system;
  • Updating the computer equipment by standardizing operating systems, parameters, etc. as much as possible;
  • Install high-performance security software;
  • Perform regular updates and backups;
  • Grant secure access to employees (on-site and remotely) by limiting the number of people who can handle the most sensitive data;
  • Spend at least 5-10% of your IT budget on security.


The bottom line is: hackers and viruses do exist, and your company's data must be heavily protected! Are you looking for a trusted service provider in Quebec to ensure the management and security of your computer system? Cloud hosting, data backup and IT network analysis are among the solutions and services we offer to SMEs at Natrix Technologies Inc. Contact us!