Outsource IT business

Why outsource your company's IT management?

Information technology (IT) is an integral part of the business world: you can't be successful without it! Today, more and more companies are outsourcing their IT management to an external agent. At Natrix Technologies Inc. in Laval, we offer managed services for SMBs throughout Quebec. In this article, find out why it's to your advantage to entrust your IT administration to our experts.


Easy management of your budget

Easily establish your budget with our lump sum plans by knowing in advance the amount of your next payment. What's more, consider that hiring a subcontractor with a team of professionals ready to serve you is safer than investing in training an employee who might leave your company for one reason or another.


Up-to-date technology

Technology is constantly evolving and staying up to date requires continuous expenditure and constant training of qualified staff. Our company specializes in computer technology and is always on the lookout for new developments and our equipment is always on the cutting edge.


Enhanced cyber security

Considering the importance of digital technology today, the protection of information and networks is of paramount importance. Cybersecurity is of particular concern to us. At Natrix Technologies Inc. we ensure the confidentiality of your data, we encrypt your backups, we cover your emails by providing you with Barracuda Essentials and we install antivirus, anti-piracy and anti-phishing systems.


Proactive solutions

We work proactively by taking care of maintenance to prevent breakdowns. For example, we take care of firewalls and system updates. In addition, we frequently test the performance of your network to identify any problems that could possibly degenerate. Don't wait for the crash to happen!


Increased productivity

By outsourcing your IT to a third party, you allow your employees to focus on what really matters rather than dividing their attention. They don't have to perform security checks, renew anti-virus software or debug computers. Save time, productivity and money!


No matter where you operate in Quebec, Canada or even the world, we are the IT management experts you need. At Natrix Technologies Inc. we support you with our cloud services and our multiple solutions (installation, security, maintenance, data backup, etc.). Opt for IT outsourcing with our managed services and focus on growing your business. Contact us!