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Managed services and IT outsourcing

You want to optimize all your IT and technological solutions, but you do not have sufficient internal resources? Natrix Technologies Inc., the creator of managed IT services and cloud services, supports your company in the management and transformation of your technological and digital systems. Our network experts provide you with technical support at all times and are responsible for maintaining and upgrading your equipment. Accelerate your development, save money and increase productivity with IT outsourcing across Canada, including Québec, Ontario and the Maritimes.

Managed services are an IT support strategy that provides continuous, comprehensive monitoring of IT maintenance, management, security and operations as part of a monthly payment per user.

Our managed services are the support strategy that allows you to keep control over your IT. Our solutions eliminate uncertainties, avoid improvisation, and proactively support maintenance, monitoring and security instead of the usual on-demand repair model. Pricing is consistent - with predictable monthly fees that cover everything - and puts an end to unexpected bills. It's so simple. Only one monthly fee covers the whole thing!

Anticipated costs

Services are provided on a flat-rate basis and can be easily budgeted according to the specific needs of clients. This eliminates guessing games and expense surprises, transforming what would normally be a costly expense into an affordable operational cost.

Reduced downtime

Proactive system monitoring and maintenance helps to identify problems before they affect your business and allows your employees to focus on their tasks rather than on IT problems.

Evolution and flexibility

Our flexible solutions are constantly adapted to the evolution of your activities and your specific needs.

Enhanced expertise

A complete team of specialists as dedicated IT partners who provide you with support when you need it and provide IT advice on the company's growth decisions.

Reliable solutions at the cutting edge of technology

IT outsourcing, your technology services, consists of sharing skills and tasks between your IT team and ours. With the implementation of our cutting-edge solutions, you benefit from many advantages:

  • Optimization of your digital environment

  • Securing your business intelligence

  • Complete subcontracting of technical maintenance

  • Optimal focus on your business strategy

  • Reduction of your technical operating costs

  • Installation of high-performance equipment

  • Reduction of the risk of operational defects

  • Excellence level of service to users

  • Increase your overall productivity

  • Reduction of operational costs

  • Permanent compliance with regulatory requirements

Our project managers provide you with regular reports on the real-time status of your systems so that adjustments can be made quickly.

Your trusted partner for your IT investments

At Natrix Technologies Inc. we are committed to a long-term, transparent partnership. The careful analysis of your IT needs at the beginning of each project will be our priority to provide you with perfectly adapted solutions. Contact your IT solution provider by phone or email and ask us your questions about outsourcing implementation. Our support service will provide you with all the necessary information.

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