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Benefit from the services of Natrix Technologies Inc., your IT solutions specialist serving across Canada. Our teams, specially trained in IT risk and system protection, will support you according to your objectives and needs. Contact us now to request your appointment with our technical advisors.

Your IP telephony network

Natrix Technologies Inc. is in charge of upgrading your traditional telephone network to an IP telephone system to optimize the use of your communication tools. This saves you money on your equipment and its functionalities and gives your employees more flexibility. Your data transfers and calls are also secured with the same solutions as for your IT equipment.

Secure the backup of your data

The loss of data, even partial, can be detrimental to the sustainability of your company. Our engineers assist you in the installation of a secure external recording system: in the event of a major technical problem with your IT equipment, your business intelligence is preserved and 100% recoverable.

The implementation of performance tests

Your business is based on a functional computer network that must remain reliable and efficient. Our performance tests allow you to identify vulnerabilities in the system to better protect it.

High-performance security protocols

Defending your IT network against piracy and spam is our priority. From antivirus to data encryption, we have many solutions to protect all your tools. Natrix Technologies works with Barracuda Essentials products, powerful solutions against attacks and data leakage.

maintenance of Your Network

A network or system failure can block your business activities and seriously impact your revenue. Don't take any risks and call on our experts. They carry out maintenance and regular updates of your fleet for optimal operation.

Natrix Technologies Inc. and Barracuda Essentials

The "Essentials" offer total protection against viruses and data loss.

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