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Email Security

Your Email Security Solutions Specialist With Barracuda Essentials in Montreal

Designed by Barracuda Networks, the "Essentials" selection is a global IT protection solution for your company. These powerful tools effectively respond to the risks of attacks on your system by malware and prevent data siphoning. They also preserve your business intelligence with outsourced backups, retrievable at any time.

We offer comprehensive security solutions for your email and online business presence using the latest technologies in the field and ensuring that your data in the cloud and the use of Office 365 are fully protected. Contact Natrix Technologies Inc, your Barracuda Essentials solution provider in Quebec, today for more information on these products.

Barracuda Essentials

A Complete Range of IT Services

Achieve significant savings with the outsourcing of your IT activity.

Outsourcing Your IT

A Wide Range of Custom Options

Barracuda's broad range of high-performance networking solutions is specifically designed to protect your threat vectors wherever they may be. Whether it's a website, email, web application or mobile device, Barracuda has the tools to secure and optimize your network perimeter. Barracuda Essentials is available in different versions to match your needs. Therefore, there are four levels of protection, including:

shield with a lock icon

Complete security for your systems

online storage

Archiving of your data on the cloud

laptop with a shield icon

Protection against external threats

rapid recovery system

Fast recovery system

Simplified Installation and Management

Barracuda Networks brand "Essentials" are products that can be installed on your IT system in minutes. Our engineers maintain and update them without disrupting your employees' activities.

Comprehensive Email Security

In the world of online security, it has become of the utmost importance to ensure the privacy of the data you transmit via email in the course of your personal and professional business. Choosing a comprehensive email security service goes beyond a fully populated spam folder. From hidden threats to unsecured emails to phishing and ensuring your data is not accessible to unauthorized third parties, we provide the highest level of backup, archiving and protection services. Our services include:

  • Virus protection

  • Spam protection

  • Anti-phishing

  • Link protection

  • Typosquatting detection

  • Email address spoofing

  • Denial-of-service attack prevention

Get real-time security monitoring with our help today! Contact us to learn more about our advanced email threat protection.


Add artificial intelligence to your existing security protocols by choosing Sentinel, the solution to today's most sophisticated threats developed by Barracuda. 

Barracuda Sentinel goes one step further by using an artificial intelligence engine to inspect all emails already in your inbox to block identity-based frauds, such as phishing, with no IT administration required. Together, they provide the industry's best and most cost-effective protection for Office 365 users.

Sentinel detects threats that traditional email security systems cannot. It integrates directly with Microsoft Office 365 APIs to detect attacks from internal and external sources. Defend against Spear Phishing and cyber fraud in real-time with our help!

Email Security with Advanced Threat Protection

Email is the primary threat vector for ransomware and other advanced threats. Therefore, you need to ensure that your data and users are protected from advanced and evolving security threats. This requires a layer of security beyond Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

Barracuda offers cloud-based services that protect all your business emails in Office 365 without impacting your email performance. Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 is a comprehensive email security suite that filters every inbound and outbound email to prevent spam, viruses, data leaks and malware. In addition, Barracuda gives you the highest level of protection possible with antivirus scanning, spam assessment, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks and other techniques.

“Cloud to Cloud” Backup for Office 365 Automated Data Protection and Fast Recovery

Choose an automated backup solution for your Office 365 environment with added protection against file corruption and email and file deletion in Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Moreover, we offer a backup and recovery solution for cloud-based work environments that provides distinct key benefits:

  • Fully customizable scheduling for email and files

  • Flexible data recovery

  • Mobile applications for administration

  • Fast and easy recovery of backup data

  • Detailed reporting and audit logs

  • Automatic email alerts for items added, modified and deleted since the last backup

  • Centralized management and mobile content administration for android and ios devices

  • SSAE 16 type II certification

  • Secure cloud back with 128-bit ssl encryption for data in transit and 256-bit aes encryption for data at rest

Barracuda Essentials

Barracuda Total Email Protection

Barracuda Total Email Protection offers a complete email protection platform in a single affordable, intuitive and easy-to-implement solution. Save yourself the tedious integrations, support uncertainties, and risks associated with DIY solutions based on proprietary software.

Technical Specifications

Email Security (Gateway)

  • Cloud-based protection against spam, malware, viruses, phishing and other email-borne threats

  • Advanced Threat Protection using sandboxing with full system emulation

  • Agentless email encryption

  • Protection against malicious links and typosquatting

Web-based Management

  • Management via Barracuda Cloud Control

  • Web-based management portal

  • Multi-factor and LDAP authentication

  • Centralized management of security policies

  • Reports accessible from any location

  • Mobile applications


  • Cloud-based email service failover

  • Up to 96 hours of email service continuity

  • Emergency inbox to send, receive, read and reply to emails

Secure Cloud Datacenters

  • 256-bit AES encryption at rest and in transit

  • Public key encryption (RSA 1024)

  • Isolated customer metadata databases

  • Data stored in France

  • SSAE 16 or SOC audited data centers

Archiving on the Cloud

  • Archive directly from Office 365 to the cloud

  • PST management of existing email

  • Precise retention policies

  • Full-text search with multiple operators

  • Retention for legal purposes

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

  • Backup and recovery for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams Enterprise

  • Centralized administration

  • Customized retention policies

  • Detailed scheduling and recovery

  • Automated or manual backups

  • Multiple recovery options

  • Granular restore of SharePoint items

  • Restore to Exchange Online or OneDrive Enterprise or download files locally

Inbox Protection via API

  • Direct connectivity to Office 365

  • Quick and easy setup (less than 5 minutes)

Artificial Intelligence for Real-time Protection

  • Detection and reporting of account hacking activity

  • Notify external users and delete hacked emails

  • Block attackers from accessing hacked accounts

  • Visibility of inbox policy changes and suspicious logins

Protect Against Account Spoofing

  • Detection and reporting of account hacking activity

  • Notify external users and delete hacked emails

  • Block attackers from accessing hacked accounts

  • Visibility of inbox policy changes and suspicious logins

Protect Against Domain Name Spoofing

  • DMARC authentication, reporting and analysis

  • Intuitive wizard for configuring DMARC authentication

  • Block domain spoofing and brand hijacking


  • Threat environment analysis

  • Attacks detected over time

  • Information on identity theft and BEC attacks

Security Training

Simulation of Multi-vector Threats

  • E-mail, SMS, voice and physical media

  • Real-world threat models

  • Advanced interactions: landing pages, attachments, credential forms, etc.


  • SCORM compliant courseware

  • Microlearning videos

  • Quizzes and risk assessment forms

  • Posters and infographics

Reporting and Analysis

  • Collection of over 16,000 data points

  • Detailed trend analysis

  • Customizable reports and dashboards

Incidents Response

  • Phish Reporting button, available on many email clients

  • SIEM integration

Administrative Features

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Active Directory integration

  • Over 25 languages available

Incident Response


  • Outlook add-in and one-click threat reporting

  • Threat hunting


  • Advanced search with context and relevance

  • Search for users who have interacted with malicious emails

  • Identify high-risk users

  • Automate the incident response process


  • Block emails from specific regions

  • Deleting emails directly from users' inboxes

  • Automatic correction after receipt

  • Automatically send alerts to all affected users

Email Threat Assessment for Office 365

Avoid fraud, employee and domain impersonation, or phishing for services in Office 365 by using our threat assessment services for Office 365.

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