IP Telephony

Your IP telephony solutions

Natrix Technologies Inc. offers IP telephony solutions in the Maritimes and across Canada for SMEs and large companies. This technique allows you to optimize your telephone investments by connecting them to your computer equipment in order to create a single network.

What is VoIP technology?

Voice over IP technology allows voice information to be transmitted over private networks or the internet. It also supports the sending of videos and files, and generally all types of multimedia streams. With Natrix Technologies Inc. IP telephony solutions, your lines no longer go through the traditional network but through the Internet. Your phones are connected to your computer for optimized management.

IP Telephony: What are the benefits?

  • Reduction of telephone expenses

  • Quick and easy installation of your IP telephony lines

  • Single network cabling for all your equipment

  • Securing your telephone infrastructure

  • Communication encryption

  • Flexibility and simplicity in managing your lines

  • Access to many features

  • Increased mobility of your employees (remote working)

  • Increased productivity for your teams

  • Global maintenance managed by a single service provider

Your IP telephony professional

At Natrix Technologies Inc. we focus on technological performance and flexibility. With their many years of experience, our engineers know that each business environment has its own specificities. That's why, when we work with a client, we follow a plan tailored to their needs and resources. Contact your digital solutions provider by phone or email now to arrange your first meeting.

Also, discover our IT system security services in and our services for the management and storage of your data.

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Les « Essentiels » offrent une protection totale contre les virus et la perte de données.

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