The maintenance of your IT technologies

The experts at Natrix Technologies Inc. offer you the chance to schedule the maintenance of your IT technologies in Ontario, Québec and across Canada. This regular operation is essential to optimize the performance of your tools and to avoid any major failure. We set up tailor-made contracts to meet your needs at no extra cost and as accurately as possible. Contact our technicians by phone for more information on our maintenance services.

Simplify the management of your digital fleet

Whether it's accounting, email or CRM, a large part of your operations depends on the reliability of your equipment. A malfunction of your servers would then be very damaging for your company, with a risk of data loss and especially turnover. Natrix Technologies Inc. offers you its expertise to simplify your IT management. We are your single point of contact for managing your entire fleet, migrating your tools to the cloud and keeping them up and running 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Choosing a proactive service provider

With the increasing complexity of today's technologies, it becomes complicated for an internally employed administrator to target and repair failures. By choosing Natrix Technologies Inc. as your maintenance provider, you benefit from the services of experienced and proactive IT specialists. We regularly monitor your IP telephony systems and servers to identify the risk of technical problems before they occur. Our teams also take care of updating your technologies and renewing equipment, at no extra cost and without wasting your company's time.

Natrix Technologies Inc. and Barracuda Essentials

The "Essentials" offer total protection against viruses and data loss.

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An increase in productivity for your teams

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