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Multi-layer security of your workstations and sensitive data is essential to ensure the continuity of your activities. With the development of hacking, phishing, viruses, spam and identity theft, your business is vulnerable and can be threatened at any time. It is therefore essential to protect your network with complete solutions at all levels. Natrix Technologies Inc. is your specialist in IT security solutions in Canada, assisting you in the installation and management of high-performance protection and antivirus protocols.

Outsource your IT protection

Multi-layer data security is the core business of Natrix Technologies Inc. employees, and by entrusting us with this extremely sensitive part of your business, you free up time for your team. They no longer have to manage technical problems and can focus on other issues, which improves their productivity. We manage your monitoring, backup and antivirus systems. Our team also takes care of a crucial point: managing your IT compliance with government regulations. This way you are perfectly up to date in case of an audit requested by the authorities.

How do we strengthen your security?

Thanks to the expertise of our engineers and the effectiveness of our tools, such as Barracuda Essentials, Natrix Technologies Inc. provides you with complete protection tailored to all your needs. We have all the solutions for all your IT equipment, fixed and portable:

  • Remote monitoring

  • Protection of your data

  • Encryption of your backups

  • Complete confidentiality of information

  • Fight against malware

  • Anti-piracy and anti-phishing alert systems

  • Blockage resolution

  • Regular updates and reports

  • Protocol performance tests

Because today's business world is hyper-connected, our customers need a network that is:

  • Functional

  • Trustworthy

  • Effective

  • Stable

  • Secure

  • Efficient

  • Strong

We handle all aspects of security, Wi-Fi and BYOD:

  • Updates, upgrades and patches

  • Anti-virus

  • Position management

  • Network security

  • Email security

  • Firewall management

  • Web content filtering

  • Supervision

  • Incident management

  • "Ransomware" ,"Crypto" Protection

We consolidate your network through hyper-convergence:

  • Hyper-convergence solution

  • Partner Scale, Nutanix

  • Performance

  • Expansion facility

We take care of the infrastructure, at the customer's facility, at our data centre or in the cloud:

  • Infrastructure needs analysis

  • IT budget planning

  • Succession planning

  • Backup solutions

  • Servers

  • Virtualization

  • Work stations

Don't leave any room for chance when it comes to your data: contact your IT security expert now, located in Laval. At the same time, we will assess your needs for cloud storage, IP telephony and many other areas to save you money.

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The "Essentials" offer total protection against viruses and data loss.

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