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The strength of Natrix Technologies Inc. is based on an experienced, dedicated and honest team of engineers and technicians. We work every day to ensure that our business services become true, long-term, trusted partnerships. Our company attaches great importance to transparency in exchanges and we will not fail to offer you the most complete IT consulting services in Canada and throughout North America. Trust Natrix Technologies Inc. to provide you with computer equipment and services at competitive prices that are consistent with your needs and budget. Contact our team now by phone or email to request an audit.

Your reseller of digital solutions

Our mission is to assist each of our clients to cover their IT and security needs down to the last detail.

  • Wide range of tools and services

  • Equipment selection according to profile and budget

  • Competitive prices for all proposed solutions

  • Support and assistance for all products sold

Natrix Technologies Inc. and Barracuda Essentials

The "Essentials" offer total protection against viruses and data loss.

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Our consultants will welcome you to discuss your needs and define your IT strategy.

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